Partial + Interview selection - it's fast and effective way for you to find the right person. A partial + Interview sample we offer, when you do not have time to select worker on your own, you don’t want or you can not retreat from direct work, you don’t get suitable CV.


Partial + Interview selection phases:

  • Request discuss (education, professional experience, personal characteristics, working conditions, etc.);
  • Job ad creation, coordination and communication in web pages, on demand and in press;
  • Analysis of the CV we got, as well as eligible candidates search in databases and other sources;
  • Telephone interviews with potential candidates. During the conversation, we discovered the personal qualities, work experience, foreign languages, motivation and expectations for the new work and skills;
  • Information about most suitable candidates for offered position given to the client;
  • Arrange meetings with best suitable candidates;
  • Negative answers dispatch for unpicked candidates;




Service duration: from 2 - 4 weeks.